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Cycle helmets and accessories

Those who have brains choose to wear a helmet! Not without my bike helmet

Whether it is just for a quick ride to the supermarket, for your daily commutes or for downhill riding – we recommend you to wear a helmet on every bike tour! Your safety should be worth it. To make it easy for you to find a perfectly fitting, well-ventilated cycle helmet, we offer a top selection of helmet models of well-known brands including UVEX, ABUS, GIRO or BELL. Ranging from kids’ helmets through to e-bike helmets and full visor helmets, or from classic black-and-white ones through to colourful ones – we offer a huge range of different models. You will find bike helmets for every intended use: MTB helmets, road helmets, city helmets, men’s helmets, women’s helmet and even kids’ helmet. Simply browse through our range!

CE standard – Testing procedures for bicycle helmets

To guarantee that bicycle helmets are safe, there is a mandatory test for all bicycle helmets sold anywhere in Europe in accordance with the DIN EN 1078 (CE) safety standards. During the test, the helmet is put onto a head form with a weight of 3 to 6 kg and dropped onto an even surface from a height of 1,5 metres. Helmet and head form then reach an impact speed of 19,5 km/h. A second test simulates how a helmet handles a direct and particular hit (like from a curb) from a height of 1,1 metres and with an impact speed of 16,5 km/h. If a helmet passes these tests, it will be CE marked so that it can be sold on the European market.

What will it be? The right helmets for mountain bikes, road bikes and everyday use

What do you need a helmet for? If you ride off the roads, we recommend you to use an MTB helmet. It offers a particularly large protective area and often comes with a lower rear to offer maximum protection. An integrated visor protects from branches.

For downhill riders, we offer full-face helmets that come with a chin bar, just like motorcycle helmets. Full-face helmets can protect you from severe cranial and brain injuries.

Road helmets are the perfect choice for speed lovers. They are especially lightweight and stand out for great ventilation. Perfect aerodynamics for training and races.

If you are looking for a bike helmet that serves you well on your way to the supermarket or office, we offer a large range of city helmets for daily use. They are extremely versatile and offer high comfort for daily commutes.

How do I find the right helmet size?

Even the best bike helmet can be useless, if it does not fit properly or – in the worst case – if it falls off your head in case of a fall. Therefore, it is indispensable to get the right helmet size. To determine the right size, you need a measuring tape. If you do not have one, you can also use a rope or a measuring stick. Wrap the measuring tape around your head to measure the circumference. Hold the tape slightly above the eyebrows and make sure it is level all the way round. The head circumference measured in centimetres (cm) corresponds to your helmet size. Most bike helmets feature a fitting system in the form of a head ring that allows for individual adjustment via a dial at the rear and thus fit a wide range of head shapes. Besides, it’s also important that the strap system fits your head. Your ears should be free and the chin strap should not cut into your skin. There should be an inch left between chin strap and head. The straps must not be disturbing, the helmet should fit comfortably without wobbling or slipping.

MIPS – What’s that?

Many bicycle helmets – whether MTB helmets, road helmets or city helmets – are equipped with the MIPS system. The “Multi-Directional Impact Protection System” describes a plastic shell that is flexibly connected to the inside of the helmet shell. It is designed to move around the head and to reduce energy that is transferred to the head or away from it. While the plastic shell of the MIPS system lies on the head, the helmet shell can freely rotate around it. Therefore, the helmet particularly minimizes rotational forces that might occur in case of a side impact. We stock numerous bike helmets with the MIPS system.