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Bike helmet accessories and spares

Replacement pads, helmet covers, helmet lights and more

You should treat your bike helmet carefully to keep it working well for as long as possible. Worn pads for example are no reason not to use your favourite helmet any longer. Instead, you can bring it back into its original state using a few replacement parts only to keep on enjoying your tours with it. Our product range includes helmet accessories and spares for bike helmets from renowned manufacturers such as FOX, uvex, ABUS, POC, MET, MAVIC, ALPINA, BELL, iXS, RUDY PROJECT and CASCO.

Helmet covers – weather protection for your helmet

Those who ride their bikes in bad weather cannot simply pull their hoods over the helmet. That’s why, several manufacturers such as GORE, VAUDE and others have produced helmet covers offering additional weather protection for you and your helmet. Thanks to their often wind- and waterproof finish, rain simply rolls off their surface. Their elastic hem allows wearing them over a multitude of different helmets. Reflective elements and striking hi-vis colours help improve your visibility in road traffic.

Replacement pads – new wearing comfort for your bike helmet

Regular use and contact with sweat tend to wear out the interior padding of your bike helmet over time. The material becomes brittle, does not wick off moisture effectively anymore and anti-bacterial properties fade. Manufacturers such as GIRO, uvex, ABUS and others therefore offer replacement pad sets. These are a great way to refresh comfort and fit of your helmet.

Replacement lights – for more visibility in road traffic

If you often ride your bike in poor light conditions, at dusk or night, you know how important it is to be well visible in road traffic. Some bike helmets therefore come with integrated LED lights or can be combined with a helmet lamp. Here, you will find appropriate replacement lights for your cycling helmet!

Other replacement parts – visors, chin bars, fitting systems and more

Our product range also includes replacement visors, chin bars or fitting systems that allow you to replace defect parts of your helmet easily by yourself. We offer spares, among other things, from brands such as GIRO, RUDY PROJECT, BELL etc.

If you are unsure about whether the replacement part, pad set or cover fits your bike helmet, our experts will be happy to help. Simply contact us by telephone or e-mail!