Chaussures pédales plates

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Chaussures pour pédales plates: Les modèles polyvalents

Cycling shoes for Dirt, Freestyle and MTB

High jumps on the bike, with high speed across the country – whether you are shredding dirt or letting rip on a mountain bike, flat shoes are a real alternative for all those who want to use flat pedals with no cleat. The shoes are designed for use on platform pedals, which is why they have no recess for a cleat system. Yet, freeride shoes offer maximum grip on pedals and slippery grounds thanks to their sole. As you can get your feet off the pedals in no time, flat pedal shoes give you a feeling of safety – which is perfect for MTB newcomers or technically demanding sections.

We stock a huge range of shoes for platform pedals. Discover our selection of renowned brands like FIVE TEN, SHIMANO and ION, as well as the popular FIVE TEN Freerider and VAUDE Moab models!

The sole – The heart of every flat pedal shoe

The heart of every flat pedal MTB shoe is the sole. It should offer good grip on and off the bike as well as perfect power transfer with platform pedals. That’s why the quality of the sole is of particularly high importance! Over the course of the years, the traditional rubber sole of MTB shoes has changed. New rubber compounds have been launched. Innovations from climbing sport have been transferred to cycling shoes. Thus, there are numerous excellent rubber compounds and tread patterns available, all standing out for perfect traction on wet, muddy and slippery ground and best grip on the pedal. The Marathon sole by FIVE TEN and the Vibram sole that can be found on numerous MTB shoe models are particularly known for their excellent grip.

Robust, durable, abrasion-resistant – MTB shoes should be built tough!

Mountain bikers, dirt riders and freeriders should go for highly durable MTB shoes. Shoes for flat pedals usually feature uppers made from robust and durable materials. Thus, they will even withstand the harsh environments of off-road riding.

The right fastening system for a perfect fit

Perfectly fitting cycling shoes are essential for efficient energy transfer to the pedal. As they have a flexible sole and are not connected to the pedals with cleats, MTB shoes for flats follow all your movements as you pedal while fitting tight around your feet. Traditional laces are usually sufficient to keep your feet firmly in position. If you should require additional hold at your heels, there are also some flat pedal shoes featuring a Velcro strap or dial system. Thus, you can adapt the shoes to your feet even more precisely.

Style factor – more than just a shoe!

There is one thing that is particularly important for flat pedal shoes: the style factor! Therefore, the shoes differ strongly from conventional MTB cycling shoes with regards to design. They come in a casual sneaker or skate style and are available in trendy colours. Ranging from classic black through to camouflage patterns – discover our huge range of cool flat pedal shoes by renowned brands like FIVE TEN (including the popular Freerider collection), VAUDE (including the well-known Moab collection), SHIMANO, O’NEAL and ION.

Vous avez des questions sur les chaussures à pédales plates?

Quels sont les avantages des chaussures de cyclisme à pédales plates?
  • Leur semelle antidérapante procure une adhérence optimale sur la pédale plate. Les picots en acier peuvent augmenter cet effet encore.
  • Avec les chaussures à pédales de plateforme, vous pouvez rouler tous les vélos avec des pédales plates courantes.
  • En cas de grands sauts ou de sentiers osés, vous avez la possibilité de descendre rapidement du vélo.
À quoi faire attention à l’achat de chaussures de cyclisme à pédales plates?
  • Si vous envisagez de parcourir la forêt à vélo, vous devriez opter pour des matériaux solides que même une branche en saillie ne puisse abîmer.
  • Il doit être possible de lacer les chaussures bien ajustées à votre pied pour vous rassurer du maintien optimal du talon.