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Developed by Cyclists for Cyclists

WHATEVER THE WEATHER – SHIMANO HAS THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING: SUN, RAIN, WIND AND SNOW. The company SHIMANO develops high-tech products for cycling. Their cycling clothing and shoes offer comfort, design and safety for all adventures in your daily life.

SHIMANO’s strategic approach to design and development is anything but a trade secret. For almost 100 years, it’s been all about developing components that work together seamlessly. Thus, the systems disappear beneath you, leaving nothing but you and your ride. For riding in autumn and winter, SHIMANO has developed the Shimano Fusion Concept for improved comfort, power and riding pleasure in cold weather. The concept is not only suitable for pro riders, but for every rider. Every ride. Every day.


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Aggressive trail riding requires a balanced combination of protection, stability and flexibility. That’s exactly what the M088 offer. The M088 shoes were exclusively designed for ROSE and come with Shimano’s Torbal technology for maximum riding pleasure. Torbal – a torsional midsole that allows natural rider ‘flow’ motion during downhill.

TORBAL (Torsional Balance) improves balance and control by keeping the rear part of the shoe flexible and maximizing pedal efficiency in the cleat area. This improves the interaction between rider, pedal and pedalling movements.

Discrete Reflectivity Technology for increased visibility in bad light conditions. Cleverly positioned reflective details immediately become visible in the beam of a car’s headlights. Thus, the SHIMANO Transit collection offers you additional safety in road traffic.