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For over 30 years GORE® Wear have been developing products to further improve your athletic adventure. Products based on the knowledge about the special requirements of athletes and developed in a continuous cycle of research, design, development, testing and re-testing. By using world-leading fabric technologies, GORE® Wear create highly functional products that set new standards in comfort and protection. This helps you push your limits, too – in running, cycling and any other kind of sport.

This summer you wear brights – and patterns!

GORE WEAR took great effort to develop the summer collection. It is full of stylish patterns, trendy colours and high-quality materials as usual. The high-end jerseys not only offer the right level of breathability and a perfect fit, but also impress with fashionable details.

Get a GORE WEAR jersey for your summer training!


Le maillot GORE C5 OPTILINE au design mode s'adresse aux cyclistes qui roulent à grande vitesse car non seulement la respirabilité mais aussi la coupe...


GORE WEAR C3 PETALS maillot femme

Le GORE C3 WOMEN PETALS, successeur du maillot E LADY DIGI HEART, est un maillot au design tendance en des couleurs intemporelles d'ailleurs. Cela per...

PPC 79,95 € 56,42